About Us

AVL Matrix CC is a South African audio, video and lighting solution company started in 2020 by Jacques Michael van Heerden. We originally planned on focusing only on home theatre and automation, but due to high demand in other industries such as commercial and industrial, we have since evolved to cater to any type of client with any AV need.

We pride ourselves in understanding our clients, and will typically spend several hours understanding the nature of the use case that you will be using your new system for. We feel that all clients should be treated equality, hence why we constantly strive to deliver the best service and expertise possible.

We have had a big spike in demand for dry hire equipment, and now offer this as an option on our website as well. We also encourage other companies to work with us to offer their equipment on our site as well. We can also easily cater to any size event, from a small house party, all the way up to stadium AV solutions. 

A company like ours is also nothing without the brands we trust and support. That is why you won’t find thousands of products listed on our website. We will only quote and sell products that we truly believe are the best solution, that will still work within your budget. Some brands are also known to not give the best support, such as warranty repairs, hence why you won’t find some products on our website. If you are however looking for something specific and can’t find it on our website, please contact us as we can probably still supply it directly to you or just haven’t gotten around to adding it to our website yet.

System design

We’ve got you covered from day one. We can help you figuring out exactly what you need, what’s available and what will work for your budget.


All products we sell, can be installed by one of our expert teams. We pride ourselves in quality workmanship and after sales support.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Faulty cable? Buggy computer? We’ve got you covered! With years of experience in the fields we can practically identify and repair any issue you might have.

AVL Matrix CC is based in Somerset West, Western Cape, South Africa. We primarily focus on clients based in the Western Cape, but we do have clients all across the country, and some even as far as Namibia! Our website currently offers delivery all across South Africa, and the installation cost quoted on the website is only for the physical installation, and not any transportation/accommodation.