Founded in 1982, AVL Matrix was originally founded by Rocco van Wyk as Audiospectrum. 36 years later, we are now one of South Africa’s leading experts in the pro AV industry. Although our name is well known, we fear that change is imminent, and we have to embrace change. AVL Matrix was founded as a e-commerce platform, striving for the same/better service provisioning to all of our valued and loyal customers, as well as any new customers!

Speaking of customers, we have a very long & extensive list of customers throughout the years, ranging from churches, schools, hotels, government organisations, golf clubs & private residences. You name it, we’ve done it, or have the ability & knowledge to! A message we always try to carry over to new clients is that we only work with long term clients. We are not fly by night… We are in it for the long run, and with our extensive knowledge and experience we always satisfy our clients and make sure that they are happy with the product/service that we have delivered to them. We can work around any budget or time frame no matter how ridiculous it may seem.


Our motivation for our new business venture is simple: To expand our brand onto the cyberspace and reach even more customers.

Tried & Tested products:

We as a company strive to offer products that we know work and have tested first hand in the field, to our customers. If you find a product that you like on our website, you can be assured it’s a good product worth the money you are spending. We fully support and endorse all products & brands on our website. On the other hand of the spectrum, if you don’t find a specific product, chances are we haven’t tested it yet or the product doesn’t live up to our standards.

If you would like us to test, review and possibly resell your product, please feel free to contact us.

Please contact us to find out about a specific product you might be looking for.